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Virginia R. Degner

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Virginia R. Degner is a retired social worker and former newspaper reporter.

Enjoy a trove of prose and poetry from Virginia R Degner.

Reflect as Degner deals with the different issues of her life through haiku poetry in books such as Haiku Poems of A Women’s Journey, Haiku Poems of a Mermaid’s Song: Musings of a Food Junkie, Haiku Poetry of a Winter Solstice, and Haiku Poetry of a Sojourner.

Read her musings about self-identity, God, and life in general in
Daily Reflections for Women.

Experience Degner’s mastery of romance storytelling in her novels
Without Consent and Fraser’s Lady.

Delve into the wartime thoughts of Degner’s grandfather through his letters in
The Letters of C.M. Case.

Dig good food? Then you’ll want to work out an appetite by browsing through Toe Tappin’ Lip Smacking’ Home Cookin’: Favorite family comfort foods.


Synopsis of Brindle Hall
Virginia R. Degner
Coming Soon!

When World War II threatens to trap Zelda and her nieces in the Warsaw Getto, she flees with them from Poland to Scotland and her family home.

Virginia R. Degner brings readers to Brindle Hall, in the heart of Scotland’s Sutherland.  A place where the fields in spring flourish with yellow Whyn broom, purple heather, and with the first chill of autumn the countryside stirs with the hunt, balls, dinner parties and dance.

When suddenly her family is thrust into the red-hot center of the war and Zelda must choose to stay safely in the arms of her family or join the ultra-secret SOE, a precursor to the Modern MI6.

Degner brings to life compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring relationships that embrace another chance with her first love. A man who is far more determined and every bit as deadly.

A Compelling page-turning narrative that re-examines history and a family thrown into the war from a uniquely female perspective and Brindle Hall.

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