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You might have heard how women have consistently displayed remarkable strength, resilience, and courage.

The phrase “Women are God’s strongest soldiers” is a metaphorical expression that amplifies various aspects. Some aspects to note are women’s admirable strength, resilience, and unique emotional qualities. History also proved that women can hold their fort in various areas and evolutions of society.

This is why authors like Virginia R. Degner shared her wisdom on how women can be the best version of themselves. Women need daily inspiration to keep going with their daily lives, especially when things get tough. There are things that we can learn from books and other inspirational sources. So, looking at how women are God’s strongest soldiers would be a great start.

Despite being a subjective saying, let’s examine why women are God’s strongest soldiers.

The Biological Challenges of Being a Woman

The monthly menstrual cycle involves hormonal fluctuations, physical discomfort, and emotional rollercoasters. Women are God’s strongest soldiers for enduring symptoms like cramps, bloating, mood swings, and fatigue. Coping with menstruation forced women to manage their routines, work, and relationships.

Moreover, they also have to endure the pains that come with it and the erratic hormonal imbalances. Unfortunately, women’s pain is heavily dismissed by society, deeming them invalid and unreal or, worse, that they’re simply overreacting. Unless we acknowledge that the physical struggles women go through are real, we can never progress as a collective.

Furthermore, women’s reproductive health is one of the most undermined and overlooked throughout time. From puberty to menopause, women experience various stages and transitions that significantly impact their overall well-being. Issues such as menstrual disorders, fertility concerns, pregnancy, childbirth, etc., all contribute to the unique biological journey of being a woman.

Women’s Rise to Leadership

Over the past century, women have made significant strides in breaking through barriers and assuming leadership positions across various sectors. The rise of women to positions of power and influence represents the idea that women are God’s strongest soldiers. Furthermore, the gradual shift in cultural and societal attitudes toward gender roles was also a contributing factor.

Recognizing and celebrating women’s achievements have helped create a more inclusive environment that values their contributions. Additionally, more girls and women gained access to education and career opportunities. Despite the progress, women still face numerous challenges and biases on their path to leadership. Gender discrimination, unconscious bias, the glass ceiling phenomenon, and work-life balance issues are among the obstacles that women continue to struggle with.

Remarkable Multitasking Abilities

Multitasking is a skill that women are renowned for. Their efficiency to juggle multiple roles and tasks simultaneously makes them remarkable. Biologically, women’s brains have been found to have more excellent connectivity between the left and right hemispheres. It enhances their ability to switch between tasks without breaking a sweat. Perhaps it originated from their traditional roles as caregivers and homemakers, roles which are continually honed to this day.

Moreover, women also find themselves balancing professional careers with personal obligations. Many women successfully manage demanding jobs while also caring for their families. Furthermore, they must maintain their social circles, pursue personal interests, and be part of any community they wish. Women’s adept organizational skills are something that needs to be highlighted. Accommodating multiple commitments is not easy, yet women do it well. This ability to structure and manage time effectively contributes to their success in multitasking.

Emotional Strength and Empathy

Women have long been recognized for their emotional strength and empathetic nature. These qualities enable women to form deep connections, offer support, and express complex emotions. Bouncing back from turmoil and maintaining a positive outlook is a cause for recognition. Women tend to be highly attuned to the feelings and needs of those around them, hence their natural ability to care.

They have a keen ability to listen attentively, creating a safe space for people to express themselves. Emotional intelligence is one of their best traits; women are God’s strongest soldiers. On another note, women’s emotional intelligence and empathy are valuable assets in leadership and decision-making. Women’s ability to understand people’s perspectives, consider each side, and make inclusive decisions result from their emotional strengths.  

Women Are God’s Strongest Soldiers for A Reason

Being a woman comes with its own set of challenges that shape various aspects of life. It could be from physical and reproductive health to societal expectations and cultural norms. They essentially never get to take a break, especially when they hit puberty. Women are God’s strongest soldiers for handling the reality of being one.

Women have a long history of courageously standing up for their rights, challenging societal norms, and advocating for justice and equality. Their determination to bring about positive change despite adversity reflects a deep sense of purpose and conviction. Many women also find solace, guidance, and strength through their support and belief systems. The metaphor that “Women are God’s strongest soldiers” serves as a reminder – to appreciate and honor the existence of women in our lives.

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